How is your kitchen used?  Do you enjoy cooking, baking, preparing your favorite dishes for family and friends?  Kitchens are gathering hubs for our children.  HQ during Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The place to enjoy late night snacking on grandma’s cobbler and ice cream.  Mornings begin with fresh brewed coffee as we send our families off to school and work with a hearty breakfast.

Imagine how different life would be without your kitchen.  Our client never imagined life without a kitchen until one day hers was gone.  The new year started with a bang; just not the exciting, fun-filled bang that comes to mind.  What happened was most definitely not filled with fun nor excitement.  Kitchen fires can spread rapidly.  Fortunately, this fire was quickly contained and extinguished.  Unfortunately, it was too late for the cabinets, appliances, ceilings, and floors.

Time to restore this kitchen.  It was crucial for this restoration project to be completed quickly.  Control and containment of construction debris was of the utmost importance to reduce further interruption of their home and lives.

Out with the old.  In with the new.   The home owner takes a deep breath as she passes under the new wooden partition leading into her restored kitchen where her senses are heightened by the sight of new cabinetry, the feel of new tile under her feet, and a warmth on her face as sunshine bounces from wall to wall.  With the restoration project complete, this home owner is once again excited to put her kitchen to work making Saturday pancakes, Sunday brunches, and holiday feasts.


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